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14 April 2020

New release : Return to the Dessert Island – by B- Burg

Hey guys. Check this quality album by my long time friend B- Burg.

I am on track nb 5 : Ration d’alliterations , also available on my album :

here’ s a photorama / video of the song and on the you tube description you can find the lyrics in english !!

Last but not least some comments from facebook :

Currently freeing mind and spirit through absorbing this wonderfully uplifting and stylish album release by Christopher Hall aka B-Burg.

This organic album exudes a funky, fresh rhythmical fluidity, fusing soul, Jazz & hip-hop elements with splashes of turntablism throughout. A sonic excursion of unreleased and released tracks which now sit under the one snazzy umbrella.

I shall be publishing a full review over on my music blog tomorrow!… But for now i am currently locked into this particular sonic delight ‘Ration D’Aliteration’ (Featuring 1SP) which i felt a heavy impulse to share with you all.🔥🔥🔥

This is my dedicated/ recommended #Headzonemoment for today>>> ⭐️Please feel free to join me. ⭐️

Please check out the rest of the album on BC offering bonus bootlegs and remix folder to all who purchase this current release, with an Instrumental album forthcoming for DJ’s and remix artists as well. 🤩🤩🔥🎧🥰

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3 December 2019

Fête de la musique , Edinburgh , French Consulate – june 19

At the end of Sylvain Ayite & musicians set , One S.P can’t help himself grabbing the mic in an impromptu performance of one his song “perle rare de dakar”. Sylvain Ayite has senegalese and cap vert (cabo verde) background and sings in french, wolof and creole. So it’s the perfect occasion to rap about a senegalese girl …a nice little jam before jumping on the turntables.

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20 April 2018

dj set @ bar 50 – Edinburgh – 14th of april 18

BAR 50

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dj set with dirty mike @ beer and skittles -Edinburgh- 7th of april 18

Beer and skittles

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27 March 2018

Be kind rewind selecta @ bramble bar


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19 September 2017

Asazi space funk explosion, feat. One S.P , live @ stramach , oct 16

Once again, One S.P teams up with his pals, Asazi space funk explosion (find them on facebook or bandcamp), to deliver a spaced out version of a tune called “style libre” in a packed edinburgh venue (Stramach) . tune available on his album “refugie poetique”

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25 August 2017

bibi and benny b leaving party. july 17

Fun times as my friend ewan and I decided to set up my decks into is van. Ewan is like the scottish mac gyver .
He installed a long piece of wood plank inside the van, using pull bungee cords, just at the right height for me to dj comfortably. I just had enough space for two decks , the mixer and a cd deck. Plus we had all the tools handy in the van , as ewan uses it for his work. With the help of Anslem (bibi’s son) we placed the speakers on the van’s roof, and there you go…bombastic sound system ! no neighbours !

So long to Bibi, Benny, Anslem , Justus and Joanna , a.k.a “momo”. Will come and visit in Munich sometimes soon.



leaving party of german friends bibi and benny. july 17.

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31 October 2016

Akva Thirsty Thursday’s – One S.P on the decks – thu. 3rd of nov 16- click here 4 info

akva-thursdays< INFO HERE

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3 October 2016

bring da madness – Asthmatic astronaut – One. S.P

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23 September 2016

Asthmatic Astronaut new album is out. feat One S.P (track 19)

Asthmatic Astronaut NEW ALBUM “This is not pop” IS OUT TODAY. Please check it out , it’s dope.
One s.p features on track 19 “bring da madness”




“Scotland is not a prominent presence in the hip hop world, but after several listens to this record I am starting to think that might change”

– Rhyme Junkie

“Asthmatic Astronaut has assembled an absolute beast of an album; 19 MCs bring their A-game and a range of styles, while G proves that he is an absolutely virtuosic producer. From sun-drenched head-nodders to bass lines that would give Milanese nightmares, G holds the whole thing together beautifully; each track is individual and unique but flow together as a coherent whole”

– Harlequinade

“It’s a true crafted album that, in the age of digital format, seems rare and like a carefully curated mixtape it plays best from start to finish”

– Dave D
Enjoy !!!

This is a few words from Ast Ast about our collaboration on that track:


What can be said about Scotland’s original French M.C aka Snoop Froggy Frog the man they call ONESP.

He came round one afternoon and I was playing a Jazz Fudge compilation and a Toastie Taylor track was playing and he says “Oh its Toastie I was in the studio with him when they recorded this track” And not only that but he I found out he was also on a track with New Flesh on one of the first BigDada 12” like the 3rd one!

We have played quite a few shows together over the years and he has hooked me up with some DJ gigs but this is the first track we have done together. And what a track it is too! It may be the last track but it makes you want to hit play all over again.

He always brings some crazy energy to the party. He even turned up with a load of records with acapella parts he wanted me to cut up at the end of the track.

So I’m super stoked to Have the one and only ONESP – BRING DA MADNESS for the album so Thanks Jean-Marc for getting involved

Check him out

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