Hiy guys, I’m Onesp, and this is a bit of history and a bit of my story, through different artists i’ve played with, and venues that I’ve played at.Early years: Well, it all started by early nineties, in cannes, Nice and Marseille, where I was grabbing the mic in different hip-hop underground nights and small festivals. i was part of a crew first named gueriya and then 06 ieme cellule.

El segundo years :

Hosted by York DJ red 6 from 1997 till 2003, Elsegundo was one mof the most successful hip-hop night of theUK. Emerging from a small night in york, El segundo moved to edinburgh in 1999 and started to attract a bigger crowd and underground reputed UK artists – such as, Braintax and Mystro, Jesht, Kila Kela, Phi life cipher, New flesh, Dj Kong, Flaredycats, Mister C, Dj Cool C and DAXs, Scotland Yard Mc’s, Dj Plus one, lifesciences –

I was myself invited from france in May 2000, along with DJ Phi (hip hop parallele, Lyrical lab, Marseille) . Memorable gig !

“We like lyricists who use their native tongue. English MC’s who sounds english, Scottish Mc’s who sound scottish, french MC’s with french lyrics…if you want to hear the Wu Tang, youn uy their records” – dixit Red 6 (El segundo website, 2000)

When I moved to Edinburgh in 2001, I joined the Naked circle. The Naked circle was a core of three MC’s – Onesp, Toastie taylor (NewFlesh), Jed 104, and DJ’s (red 6, Kristo, Imposter, to name a few). The Naked circle purposes was to rock the crowd and do the supporting of artists on the line up at El segundo. Pure raw freestyles, pure hip-hop.

Red 6, later joined the very successful band Lifesciences and has lately created his own label, Next Tune, based in London. Jed 104 still DJ’s in YOrk and London. Toastie taylor is still part of New Flesh. And I still rock this mic …

Another big night i was involved with, was the realness.

The realness was a very successful weekly night that runned for two and half years non stop !

Here’s an extract of the realness website:

“The Realness is Edinburgh’s premier R’n’b + Hip-Hop event featuring a host of well Ativan Online established acts. Currently based in Medina night club, our nights consists of only the smoothest R’n’b and roughest Hip-Hop around. All this backed up with a cocktail of other live performers,  visuals and graffiti art from both home and abroad.  Attendance at one of our nights will deliver you unforgetable experience which is unrivaled anywhere in the central belt”

I was one of the host DJ and MC alongside my artist friends Show’n’prove – scottish DJ and producer -who is now based in Brighton and who has been touring and working with various Uk acts such as kalashnekov, baby blue, pyrelli and many more. the other Residents were Dj Dave – DMC UK finalist 2004 , G4cee (tape dek records) irish extraordinaire freestyler and rhymer and Hiz (tape dek records)

We had various theme nights, freestlye Mc’s battles, beat box nights (smol one), guest DJ’s (Uk DMC champion 2001) and edinburgh festival artists.

The forest cafe years:

The forest cafe is the place in edinburgh where any artist can find free space to exhibit his own art, or space to perform. Nobody is paid and nobody has to pay to get in. The forest works as community center and provides free and cheap resources as rehearsing studio, music and video equipment, technical team. It’s also used as a venue during the edinburgh festival. The forest cafe is so alive that sometimes it gets really ramed, but the atmosphere is always warm and cosy. The forest cafe has been opened for 7 years, and I’ve been involved in may performances and charity events. The forest cafe is like an home for poetikal refugees !

Cabaret Voltaire :
I have played a few times in that underground venue that tries to receate a atmosphere of a cabaret. I performed some of the tracks of the album there, on a promotional night in 2005, alongside Dan Bland, opening for Lord finesse. I have also performed a few freestyles with lifesciences.

Liquid rooms:

I participated in a freestyle competition in 2003, and finished second. See article, Herald tribune.

Charity and social events:

I have participated in various charity ans student societies events , in many different venues and cities. Have a look to a few Flyers:

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Comment by Jed 104 — 6 October 2011 @ 1:15 pm

yoooooooooo !!!!

hey man. long time no see ! was thinking about the naked circle the other day..about a reunion , and recording a track,
haven’t heard from you darren, toastie, in a while !
guess what..there’s a two sp coming soon !! my son vincent will be born in around 4 weeks !! a future rap star !
and planning to get married as well, so you’ll have to bring your ass up to edinburgh !
can you pass me your number again, i lost all my numbers recently..
hope all is good on your side man !!
speak soon.

Comment by 1SP — 9 October 2011 @ 10:52 am

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