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This small film production company is based in Edinburgh and run by Peter Gerard and Nicholas Soldan – two multi-skilled and versatile film makers, not afraid of diggin’ the dirt-

Peter Gerard:

A film maker and a hip-hop addict. He’s from Columbia, Missouri and lives in Edinburgh. He made a documentary about graffiti and hip-hop called Just to Get a Rep, featuring artists from around the states and Europe. The documentary premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and played many other documentary festivals around the world. He’s the originator of 1sp TV, the craziest online channel, and deals with both technical support and video making for onesp and crew.

His brother Cole (a.k.a Cousin Cole) is one of two New York DJs that form the label Flagrant Fowl. He is also responsible for casino en ligne the soundtrack of Just to Get a Rep. Onesp is featured on his track “clac clac clac” (that will be available on my album too). Cousin Cole has also produced some of the other tracks on my album.

Nick Soldan, a.k.a Nix carrot ,

The partner in crime of Peter. With Czech origins and a southern English background, Nix has experienced lots of travelling around eastern and western europe, seeking stories to tell – like his documentary Home which interviewed different migrants travelling through Europe. Nix is one of the core organisers and militants of the Forest Cafe – a community-based cafe and venue. He organises music, theatre and graffiti workshops (I have participated in many). The documentary Check One Voice recalls our experiences as underground unsigned hip-hop artist sand was shown at cameo and film house last year.

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