| bibi and benny b leaving party. july 17

bibi and benny b leaving party. july 17

Fun times as my friend ewan and I decided to set up my decks into is van. Ewan is like the scottish mac gyver .
He installed a long piece of wood plank inside the van, using pull bungee cords, just at the right height for me to dj comfortably. I just had enough space for two decks , the mixer and a cd deck. Plus we had all the tools handy in the van , as ewan uses it for his work. With the help of Anslem (bibi’s son) we placed the speakers on the van’s roof, and there you go…bombastic sound system ! no neighbours !

So long to Bibi, Benny, Anslem , Justus and Joanna , a.k.a “momo”. Will come and visit in Munich sometimes soon.



leaving party of german friends bibi and benny. july 17.

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