| Who is that crazy Frog?

Who is that crazy Frog?

1SP aka ONE SP aka Snoop Froggy Frog is the original Edinburgh French MC. Migrated from Cannes to Scotland to show the world what French rap is all about !

 In the early 90’s, OneSP develops a love for writing and a love for music. As he’s not familiar with any musical instrument he naturally becomes a lyricist.He was part of the second generation of french Mc’s at a time when hip-hop was not yet mainstream. He was involved in many local bands for numerous years and a very small local scene mainly based in Nice and Marseille. When he moved from sunny South of France in 1995-96 to spend one year in the North East of England, he realised how popular the french language was and then found himself a new identity, onesp, “one simple poet”.

OneSP has been a part of the UK Underground scene since the mid-90’s, playing memorable gigs for El Segundo -voted one of the best hip-hop night of the uk- along with his crew, the Naked Circle : Toastie Taylor (New Flesh), Jed 104 (York) and DJ Red Six (LiveSciences). OneSP also appears in several documentaries, soundtracks of plays and films, mixtapes, album featurings, and on New Flesh first single – international networks – kicking off the third ever release on Big Dada recordings.

In 2001 he decides to move to edinburgh in Scotland and since then he’s still the premiere French MC – and the only one ! – known to drop sick freestyles all over Edinburgh!

As an Hip-Hop veteran he has collaborated with dozens of artists from different countries and background, and has released his first album refugiee poetique poetikal refugee and currently working on various music projects. check this website for updates !

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