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So, let’s sum it all up.

Onesp is a french rapper living in Scotland.

His tracks are the result of mad collaborations between various talentuous artists from anywhere

he rap in French but can freestyle in English. Fine, but what about live performances ?

Well, usually, onesp appears from nowhere, jump up on stage like a frog that just ate some raw chillies ! Usually, it ends ups in a freestyle…and lots of go and responses.

 Sometimes, it’s just Onesp and a DJ, or a Blackjack Online beat boxer, or both ..old school hip-hop style..but there is no rule in music. One S.P is not a purist, so it will get on any stage with live bands, poets, will be a Master of ceremony at parties, rallies, video shootings, just to hype the crowd, or just rap in the streets, do pranks on 1sp Tv, or teach kids how to DJ.

Here’s a few videos that will speak by themselves..Onespeeee !!!


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