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Edinburgh, 18 March 2005 

Talented French rapper OneSP will take part in free French culture celebrations on 22nd of March, in The World. 

The direct heir of French star MC Solaar, OneSP is pure soul : French rap often has a violent and unpleasant image, but OneSP a.k.a Simply 1 Poet, sends out snippets of complete poetry, mixed with jazz and multi-cultural rhythms and an unconditional generosity.

Organiser Lise Morel is delighted by his participation: “All sides of French culture will be involved in the 22 March event. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet truly talented people who don’t hesitate to take part in an incredibly giving way. OneSP is one of those rare individuals to take out the very best of French culture, and who is able to make it accessible to all.”

The event is free and open to all. It will also feature Samba Sene, French theatre from Edinburgh University’s Escogriffes, a talk on Monet, a cine quiz,  a rap workshop from Zele, and much more…

Notes to editors:

  1. French Connections: French Edinburgh Party will take place on Tuesday 22 March 2005 (8-11pm), in The World (Thistle Street).

  1. OneSP is a French rapper, originally from Cannes (France). Initially seduced by Scotland’s capital after concerts at the Bongo Club, he has been living in Edinburgh for the past few years. His texts, either in French or in English, send out love, hope or sometimes the distress of the creator in front of a blank page. OneSP is also not a stranger to improvisations and to DJing – his creativity is alive and well, in any language, and with any music!

  2. About Lise Morel: Lise Morel is French but has been living in Scotland and teaching French to adults for 15 years in various capacities. She has also published a French guide to Edinburgh’s nightlife in 2004. On a more eccentric note, she took part in a comedy show at the Fringe 2004, teaching comedian Stephen K Amos some French in front of an audience of 150 people… Contact: 07946 540 495 or


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